Electrical Installation Condition Report: Deadline Looms for Landlords

The deadline for new tenancies requiring an Electrical Installation Condition Report has now passed, and by early next year ALL existing tenancies will require the report to be conducted and the standard met. The report must be carried out by a qualified electrician and any associated remedial works done in time. This has led to a shortage of electricians available to conduct the reports and correct the issues they identify.

New regulations state that landlords are to have the electrical installations in their rented properties tested every five years. For any newly started tenancy after 1st July 2020, landlords must provide the tenants with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), showing that the installation complies with current regulations. If the property fails to meet the standard, the landlord has 28 days in which to correct the issues, at which point the report must be given to the tenant.

Lockdown Issues For Landlords

However, because of the recent lockdown it became very difficult to get any electrical works done in April, May and June, which has in turn created a huge backlog of work for electricians to work through. Whilst it might have been sensible for the government to postpone the deadline given the unforeseen circumstances, this hasn’t happened and the deadline remains.  To compound the problem, there is also a shortage of qualified electricians to carry out the works which inevitably has led to difficulties in booking in any necessary associated remedial works and an inevitable increase in prices. It’s a good time to be an electrician.

Landlords cannot bury their heads in the sand however. The EICR is a critical and mandatory requirement – in short, without a certificate confirming a satisfactory electrical installation, a landlord cannot legally let out their property.

Next Deadline: 1st April 2021

While the deadline for new tenants receiving their EICR passed at the start of July this year, any pre-existing tenancies will need to comply with the new regulations by 1st April 2021. With the surge in demand, the shortage of available electricians and of course Christmas in between, it’s likely to remain a challenge for landlords to gain their report in time, especially if they don’t act soon. Additionally, if the inspection identifies more significant works required to bring the installation up to standard, the landlord has a relatively short window of 28 days to book-in this work and have it completed.

In our view, landlords should not delay arranging their report. It is better to bite the bullet now and have the work done as soon as possible, rather than leave it to the last minute and find electricians are not available to carry out the inspection, let alone any remedial work needed and then find themselves with an unlettable property.

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