We are fortunate enough to regularly gain feedback, comments and reviews from our customers. Here we publish a selection of the customer reviews that we gain via TrustPilot and Google, which we update regularly. These are all real reviews from real customers, to help give you an insight into how we work.

JCF came in and sorted out all sorts of issues at Rayner’s Road, including sorting out missing paperwork and some tricky negotiations between parties with differing interests. Friendly, helpful and professional throughout. Now it’s running very smoothly.

Richard R
TrustPilot - 7th Jun 2021

Since JCF took over the management of our property at Lower Park, they’ve provided a superb level of service to the estate & its residents. Requests are followed up on in a timely manner, and various projects have been managed with a steady hand. A special mention goes to Ashley Wilkins. In short, highly recommended. And certainly better than the other property management companies we’ve contracted over the years.

Ed R
TrustPilot - 4th Jun 2021

Always courteous, prompt to reply and rectify any issues. Great communication and dialogue and never any issues with the fixes even when there is a time pressure. Super efficient and great ongoing support.

Callum Barker
TrustPilot - 10th May 2021

As a former chair of a management company with 100 flats I have found JCF, and in particular Elena Platea, excellent. They have worked with the directors to resolve the serious cladding issues and get 100% government funding, as well as proactively keeping all the owners involved. Far better than any of the others I have come across

Kenton Sparks
TrustPilot - 8th May 2021

I am a leaseholder at Langham Court. I live here with my partner and we love it here. Ashley Wilkins the Building Manager is a great asset and has been amazing since we have moved in. Helping us to resolve any issues we have had. Ashley has helped to put an end to noise disturbance and has always been a great point of contact for any building queries or questions. It our first time living in a block of flats. We were initially nervous about what it could be like here and what problems we might incur with living alongside so many other people. Having a good building manager has taken away that worry. Thank you Ashley. On top of this the the building is always kept clean and the garden is well tended. We love the new flowers that have been planted outside. Thank you to the maintenance team.

Alice Wickens
TrustPilot - 16th Mar 2021

I have found JCF and in particular Debbie Ranger a significant upgrade on our last management company. Debbie is always exceptionally clear with me and takes the time to talk me through any issues I have which I seldom found with other management company’s. She is excellent and proactive and a great reflection on the company.

Syed Zamayer Nawaz
TrustPilot - 2nd Mar 2021

Georgina Young is always a pleasure to deal with. Straight forward and to the point, efficient and helpful.

Leah Oaker
Google - 11th Feb 2021

JCF and Ash specifically took over the management of our property at 16 Oakhill Road in Putney one year ago. They have proven to be a significant upgrade on our previous management company, with regular and inclusive communication, well managed budgets and maintaining agreed standards. We would certainly recommend.

Emma Hislop
TrustPilot - 22nd Jan 2021

Since JCF took over managing Deanhill Court it has improved tremendously & they continue to be proactive in improving the estate. We have always had prompt responses from Natalie in respect to any correspondence we raised with JCF. Thank you.

Mr Alan Jones
TrustPilot - 21st Jan 2021

Debbie Ranger and team at JCF have communicated a block issue well and dealt with complicated heating system problems with perseverance and a smile. All sorted! Very happy

TrustPilot - 21st Jan 2021

Very pleased with the management services provided by JCF – always quick to respond and very helpful.

TrustPilot - 8th Jan 2021

I have always found JCF to be very efficient & capable as well as courteous at all times in all matters relating to Albemarle.

Judith Wedgwood
TrustPilot - 6th Jan 2021

I have dealt with many property management companies, and can say that Elena is knowledgeable, responsive and consistently provides a high level of understanding and professionalism in dealing with customers.

Hardwick Sq Property Owner
TrustPilot - 26th Nov 2020

The key factor for me in giving this rating is JCF always respond in a timely manner. They have been excellent in helping us as leaseholders to resolve issues.

Joe Baggaley
TrustPilot - 23rd Nov 2020

Langham Court RTM Company appointed JCF in March this year. Our building had suffered decades of inadequate management previously and we were keen to change things. JCF won a competitive tendering process against two other agents who presented to members. They proved a great choice as they were willing to assist us with the tricky handover process to our RTM even before their official appointment. JCF are far more engaged and proactive with repairs and arrears collection than our previous agents. Our leaseholders are much happier and our service charges lower as a result of the switch. I would recommend JCF on cost, service and customer care.

TrustPilot - 31st Oct 2020

I have been quietly impressed with JCF since they took over management of my block in SW London from late March 2020. Communication with leaseholders has been good, and repairs required across the estate, so far as affecting my wing of the block, have been done in a timely and efficient manner. JCF have also responded to email communications quickly and have a good online system for billing which is easy to use. Overall, a promising start.

Stephen Cairns
TrustPilot - 25th Aug 2020

JCF Property Mgmt were the agent for our building for the last six years I was living there and it was a great relief and joy to have an agent that was quick to respond, always answered the queries, and always took action as soon as was practical. Luke was first class.
Well done JCF, keep it up.

TrustPilot - 12th Aug 2020

Since this management took over, I must say, the difference is like night and day! My property manager, Elena Pletea, has constantly provided timely updates and detailed information,she has been brilliant. It’s such a refreshing change from the previous company.

Their payment platform is also fantastic! Easy to use, transparent and gives you the option of ways to organize your payments, rather than a forced direct debit. Well done JCF! You exceeded my expectations.

Madgie Madgie
TrustPilot - 15th Jul 2020

Property manager Anna Lambers is excellent. I rate her highly and hope you will get the chance to work with JCF Property Management. I rented from the company for more than a decade and she took care of everything I needed right away. Anna is very professional and always made sure that I notice when a worker was going to visit the flat. She also went above and beyond when needed. I highly recommend this property management group.

Heidi Berger
TrustPilot - 18th Jun 2020

I have been working at a property managed by JCF for almost 4 years. I feel they are a understanding and professional company. I have worked with three of the property managers one which has now moved on. Eszter and Georgina have been great too work with. Always very helpful in getting things done and as quick as they can. I would have no hesitation in recomending them to any building in the future.

Paul Boland
TrustPilot - 10th Jun 2020

JCF Property Management have over many years given outstanding support as my letting management company. In particular recently with the transfer of leases Anna has been exemplary in her dealing with all aspects involved including with other agents, the tenants and statutory issues. Her calm and professional approach were always to the fore. I cannot recommend JCF more highly.

Peter Bell, Landlord
TrustPilot - 24th May 2020

Noticed we had lost running water in the evening of 16th April and contacted Elena via email. I got a quick response very early the next morning and she had contacted a Thames Water engineer the previous night and after the issue was identified it was fixed by around 9.30am! Very speedy service from everyone in what is a very difficult time for all. Big thanks all round!

Edward Jones
TrustPilot - 17th Apr 2020

Had a great experience with JCF Property Management today. Elena responded to our query in a very timely manner and assured us that an engineer was already at our building solving our water issue. She provided excellent service and we felt like a real priority to Elena and JCF.

Kevin Sultana
TrustPilot - 16th Apr 2020

They are very helpful and efficient.

William Stonebridge
Google - 15th Apr 2020

Excellent service with exceptionally helpful staff. I’m very grateful for their help.

Alice Lickens
Google - 7th Apr 2020

JCF managed my flat during my tenancy in Putney extremely well. They addressed every concern immediately and with extreme care through out the 6 year course of tenancy. Highly recommended

Arun Mohan
Google - 4th Apr 2020

We’ve had our flat in this block for over 23 years. In that time we’ve seen several managing agents come and go. Generally the thing they had in common was low attention span, and too little time which lead to poor and reactive service. JCF came highly recommended and their appointment several years ago has been game changing. They undertook a detailed survey and came up with a 10 year plan to eradicate the issues that had arisen through the previous neglect. This was all costed carefully and the options in terms of timing agreed with the lessees. They have worked systematically through this.

Today, the block is in good shape and there should be no more surprises. They’ve done an outstanding job for all of us. Their patience is matched by their professionalism knowledge and experience. Residential management is not easy and if you end up with the wrong firm it can be a disaster. We were fortunate that they were recommended by our neighbouring block.

"Brighton - 2 storey Victorian bay fronted house"
TrustPilot - 4th Apr 2020

As tenants, we dealt with JCF for nearly eight years. Any issues that we had, they were always addressed quickly and efficiently.

Over the past few years we liaised with Douglas Olizar who did a fantastic job.

Very pleased using this company.

TrustPilot - 2nd Apr 2020

On the expensive side. Friendly staff.

TrustPilot - 27th Feb 2020

Thank you for leaving us a review and it is good to hear that you have found our staff friendly. We are aware that we may not be the cheapest Property Management Company but we believe that we provide a good quality of service at a fair and reasonable cost.

JCF Property Management

JCF have always provided an excellent service and have been very helpful when dealing with queries relating to block management, especially Georgina.

Michelle Merritt
Google - 3rd Dec 2019

JCF is a very careful and interested all issues, successful and kind agency for property management. Thank you for everything.

Ayla Torun
Google - 12th Nov 2019

It is vital that freehold owned blocks of flats have a very professional, knowledgeable, caring and highly competent property management company to oversee the day to day running and maintain good order and practice regarding the properties that they manage. If these important skills and qualities are lacking – properties can become poorly managed leading to buildings, grounds and communal areas being neglected and run down. Lack of care, therefore, is very frustrating and depressing for residents and, moreover, due to neglect and disrepair of properties can have a negative impact on a flat when one wishes to sell it.

For over 3 years our blocks of flats in Putney have been very well managed by JCF Property Management. And, because of this, our blocks of flats are not neglected and run down.

Our Property Manager at JCF Property Management is Georgina Young. She is very professional, knowledgeable and highly competent. Georgina seriously cares about the overall well being and good order of our blocks of flats, communal and garden areas. She is positively proactive regarding ensuring very good property maintenance as well as being promptly reactive to any queries relating to property matters. Georgina is a considerate, patient and good-humoured communicator and listener. She is an excellent disseminator of information in connection to maintenance undertakings. She is very meticulous when getting the best value and quality relating to any capital expenditure projects that needs to take place in order to improve the standard, safety, appearance and well being of our blocks of flats.

In my opinion, therefore, JCF Property Management falls within the ‘Excellent’ category for property management for all the reasons mentioned above.

Ms H Rutledge
TrustPilot - 22nd Oct 2019

Don't just take
our word for it.

No matter the magnitude or triviality of your issue, we provide the same priority and attention, knowing it’s important to you.

Eszter Varsegi in particular is one of the most helpful, amenable, courteous, efficient and engaging people I have ever encountered in this estate management business. Buying and selling properties is one of the most stressful events and after I told her I could not find a particular elusive certificate pertaining to my flat – which I desperately needed to sell it – she delved into past files to find it for me. She also updated the new management company where to find the files she had sent them! If only there were more helpful, efficient and charming people in that business there would be less stress and acrimony around. Also, I have to add that this was not the first time she helped me in a similar situation. I have never met her but feel I know her well as a result of her deep ability to get on with things and get results.

Simon Holder
TrustPilot - 9th Oct 2019

Diligent and professional. We only have positive comments. Every request/question was answered on time and diligently.

Daniel Rojas Pineda
Google - 4th Oct 2019

Awesome property managers!!! Always on top of things!!! Very happy with their service!!!

Qamaruddin Tejani
Google - 16th Sep 2019

We stayed for 18 months in a flat managed by Douglas at JCF properties. We always got a quick response whenever we had any questions and they always sent someone promptly if anything needed attention. We are very pleased with JCF property management!

Louise Oscarius
Google - 10th Sep 2019

JCF Property Management provides professional, friendly and co-operative property management. This company has managed our block for many years and has always served us well. I would have no hesitancy is recommending them as efficient property managers. Natalie has been our contact for quote some time now and she has always done what she has said she will do. She’s a joy to work with.

Eve Arnold
Google - 22nd Aug 2019

JCF Property Management are exactly how you’d like your property manager to be. They are prompt in their responses, friendly, and responsive to requests.

Would recommend them!

Spencer Davey
Google - 14th Aug 2019

Always willing, responsive and fighting our corner. Thank you (to Robin and his team at JCF).

Jae Park
Google - 22nd Jul 2019

Very caring and very helpful. Specially georgina young mad the life much easier for me,the time I was so worried am I going to find any place to live. JCF is very lucky to have a Georgina in their team.

Sasha Rad
TrustPilot - 5th Jun 2019

Douglas and the team at JCF were fantastic as our assumed landlords throughout our 2 years at one of their properties. The property itself was great and if there was an issue, they respond and take action immediately.

Would strongly consider using JCF if I ever need to rent again or have a property I’d like to offer for renting.

Henry Church
Google - 3rd Jun 2019

Always found this company to be very professional and their staff easily approachable extremely helpful and always willing to listen and happy and ready to help.

Maureen Crowley
TrustPilot - 3rd May 2019

Since JCF Property Mangement have taken over the Management of Deanhill Court, East Sheen, London SW14 7DN the Estate is so much Cleaner, including the Gardens and Stairs. Meryvn the Caretaker has definitely made a significant difference to the Cleanliness of Deanhill Court since he has taken over as Caretaker. There has been a massive improvement in the cleanliness of the Garden area and landings. Mervin kindly tried to help me cut through a lock to my Shed 38 after the key broke in the lock. He can constantly be seen walking around the property working away cleaning and polishing railings and doors and is always incredibly helpful. He is also ensuring that the Recyling Shed is kept in good order.

I was very impressed with the speed that that you arranged for the paving stone to be cemented that I tripped on. It was wonderful to see two new replacement Cherry Trees in the Garden after the others had been blown down by a gale in the Winter. It was also nice to see the brand-new Door Mats at the entrance to Deanhill Court.

Many thanks for the excellent Deanhill Court Financial Report, AGM Report and Newsletter. I must say that I have been very impressed with your Management of Deanhill Court vis the previous aappalling Managing Agent. It’s nice to receive a swift response from you to my emails rather than constantly chasing up the previous Managing Agent. A big well done from an Appreciative Resident

Evan Parsons
TrustPilot - 29th May 2019

Since coming to Putney in 2015 JCF property management have been the management company taking care of a flat we rented and more recently managed a block of four flats one of which we owned.

Communication has been excellent and any problems with maintenance have been attended to immediately.All in all a very positive experience and we would certainly use the company again should we return to London .

TrustPilot - 18th Apr 2019

Excellent and prompt service from Anna Lamers.

Helen Sykes
TrustPilot - 15th Apr 2019

JFC has managed the blocks in which I owned a flat in Putney for some time. Management meetings between the management and residents are extremely important to keep things running smoothly. The general management and things brought up at meetings and then dealt with has been extremely good.

Elena Pletea was our contact within JFC and she was brilliant.

Viv Gunzi
TrustPilot - 27th Feb 2019

JCF Property Management are a well run company who employ polite and professionally qualified staff to manage our property. They respond promptly to requests for assistance or advice and visit our property regularly. They administer the day to day management of the property efficiently and work closely and effectively with our resident caretaker.

TrustPilot - 12th Feb 2019

We have worked with JCF for many years and whilst we have always be more than pleased ther service seems to get better every year. Besides being very professional the staff all work as if they are part of our team.

Roger Gilley
TrustPilot - 8th Feb 2019

I have had the pleasure of working to deliver projects alongside the team at JCF and I have seen first-hand that they are conscientious, knowledgable and proactive with the properties they manage. They strike a good balance between cost and quality, ensuring best value for their clients, while remaining sympathetic to the financial impact of building works. I would not hesitate to recommend them for the management of your block or portfolio.

Alex Atkins
TrustPilot - 15th Jan 2019

A good overall service with helpful and responsive staff.

Ev Schenk
TrustPilot - 13th Nov 2018

We moved, by recommendation, to JCF and haven’t for one moment looked back. The level of care and follow up to problems are exactly as you would want from such a company. I can wholeheartedly recommend them

Amjid S
TrustPilot - 8th Nov 2018

The Board of Directors of DCH Freehold Ltd are very happy with our new managing agents JCF Property Management Ltd based in Putney.

We have found them to be very proactive and diligent in the handling of our estate.

DCH Freehold Ltd
TrustPilot - 19th Aug 2018

JCF provided an excellent service all round. Good communication, prompt response in all correspondence and very helpful in dealing with any issues relating to property management. I highly recommend JCF.

TrustPilot - 26th Jun 2018

Cressy House Directors are not accustomed to writing positive reviews about managing agents. We are used to unresponsive staff and difficulties iterating our needs and having them attended to. With Eszter Varszegi and Georgina Young now managing our account, we have found our emails answered within a day or two; action has been taken on issues we have highlighted after discussion with us; they have made valuable suggestions to us about resolving long-term issues. Georgina and Eszter have been tactful, considerate, and positive in their interactions with us and residents.

As a team they coordinate very well together, so much so that when we write to them, we usually know which of them to address on a particular issue. We have found their knowledge of procedures, legalities, contractors and practicalities extensive, and we have been impressed with their willingness to take on board our priorities. During recent elaborate building works, we have found them willing to take positions which might have been controversial, in order to benefit us, their client, after all.

TrustPilot - 18th Jun 2018

Proactive, reliable and easy to deal with. I would happily recommend JCF to anyone looking for a property management company.

TrustPilot - 10th May 2018

I have always had a fantastic experience dealing with JCF Property Management. Highly recommend. In particular Douglas has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Sophie Thomson
TrustPilot - 9th May 2018

We have been using JC Francis management for our small Mews development in Putney.

The service was ok and then Georgina Young joined the team and she has been amazing.

She is responsive to emails and gets back to you quickly. Extremely professional and knowledgeable and we are very lucky to have her looking after us.

Everything does run smoothly and although there can be hiccups along the way I do think you have to manage people’s expectations as they can be extremely high and you have to equate the amount of money you are paying for the service.

Fortunately all the residents really appreciate what JC Francis has done for us and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Having dealt with other management companies they are certainly the best in Putney.

Maria Clarke
TrustPilot - 2nd May 2018

We had employed JCF Property Management in June 2015, to overlook and care for our 3 buildings and its everyday running to maintain a high standard. First, the change over went as best as it could and if any delays, they were due to the previous managing agents. We were allocated our own property manager, they took on board our needs and started well in implicating them. Sadly though I as the Chairwoman could see that things where not flowing as they should, and a lot of things where not happening as promised in the time expected, little by little things were getting worse, and we then found ourselves in deep water and unnecessary situations that could have been avoided if things had been implemented as requested in the first place. It left us with no option but as the board of directors to put forward our concerns and complaints.

Not long after JCF had a complete turnaround, the property manager we had been allocated had left the company and from that moment on everything changed for the better. we had some teething issues, but we had been allocated the best two people I can ask for to look after us. Eszter Vraszegi & Elena Pletea them as individuals are powerful and perfect but as a team they are exceptional. They deal with everything as it should be dealt with. we no longer have residents complaining that they get no response to there emails, as soon as they email they get a response within that day no later than the next day. To do list is so short and gets resolved and dealt with in the term it is expected to have been done. Our accounts are up to date, our grounds look as they should, and the support with every step from JCF is fantastic I truly couldn’t ask for more.

Director David Graves had taken our complaints seriously and from that moment did everything he could in his power to provide the services we had been promised at the start before we employed them. I have to say this is a rare thing to experience as most of the time when you make a complaint about the performance of a company they either make excuses which delay the process of resolving issues, or make some changes but not enough to make a long-term difference. As a hands-on Chairwoman, I have dealt with many companies and know our grounds and everything concerning it like the back of my hands and I wouldn’t of spent time writing a review if I felt the service JCF offer is not 100% and I am one that is not easily pleased or fooled.

I myself would recommend them without any hesitations. and I hope my review will help those looking to change managing agents. JCF Property Management has improved 100% and offers a service worth considering.

Thoxoula Charalambous
TrustPilot - 3rd May 2018

We have been using JCF for several years now. This rating is only related to last year’s experience and especially for Georgina (our property manager) who is really professional and has given us excellent support all this time. Well done!

John Kougioumtzis
TrustPilot - 1st May 2018

My experience with the company is definitely good. My main point of contact with them is an extremely competent senior property manager, Douglas.

Every time we have had an issue in the house, the response has been quick and effective.

Whenever they had to get someone in the house (which happened rarely), they always informed us well in advance.

TrustPilot - 20th Apr 2018

JFC currently manage a mixed private estate of Freehold Houses and three leasehold blocks in Putney, of which we are the Freeholder. Since taking over from the previous agent in 2016, improvements have been made to the overall appearance of the estate and the running of it. On the whole their response time to residents’ queries and issues is good and the fact that we have not had to get too involved in day to day matters which was happening with the previous agent shows that they are doing their job!

Anna Nicholls
TrustPilot - 20th Apr 2020

As a 4 year long tenant in a property managed by JCF I have nothing but good things to say. They are extremely professional and deal with the smallest of issues quickly and proficiently. They always kept me informed of any upcoming visits to the property and conducted routine maintenance on the building.

They don’t charge extortionate fees when signing up and were prompt to return my deposit on leaving the tenancy.This was easily the most seamless and pleasant experience I’ve ever had as a tenant in rented accommodation.

Michael Warde
TrustPilot - 12th Jan 2018

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend them.

TrustPilot - 10th Jan 2018

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