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Noisy Neighbours: How Should A Dispute Be Handled?

Question “I live on the first floor of my block and my neighbour in the flat above me can often be heard stomping around on…

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I own a leasehold flat. Can I let it on Airbnb?

Question “Some of my friends have chosen to rent out their homes in the summer months via Airbnb as a means of making a little…

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Is Your Block’s Lift Being Managed Correctly? 7 Issues To Consider

Over the years JCF has managed many blocks that contain lifts and we continue to do so today. Lifts can present unique challenges to a…

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5 Reasons Why People Leave Their Property Management Company

It’s not uncommon for a prospective client to approach us because they are experiencing poor levels of service from their existing property management company and…

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GDPR – Our Privacy Policy

All organisations that process personal data are required to comply with data protection legislation. This includes in particular the Data Protection Act 1998 (or its…

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Westminster Palace is Falling Apart

The internationally recognised building that is The Palace of Westminster may be a common feature on our television screens, however the reality is far from…

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What is the National Trust and Why is it Relevant?

Living in the UK, you have heard about the National Trust at one time or another, and you may think that you know what it…

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The Global Construction Sand Shortage

Is the world really running out of sand? It seems impossible, what with our miles of pristine beaches, endless deserts and infinite amount of sand…

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Are our buildings electric car ready?

Although the subject of electric cars is an ever increasing one, it did not until recently have any relevance to JCF Property Management. The UK…

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