Update: Our Services in Current Times

JCF Property Management is committed to follow the guidance and advice as provided by the UK Government regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). This post outlines how the services provided by JCF Property Management might be affected and we will post new updates when required.

Our priority always remains the safety of our employees and their families, our clients and our contractors whilst at the same time we want to ensure that we can continue to offer you the excellent level of service that you expect from us.

Our office

Following the Christmas break we have reopened our office in January 2021 but are limiting the number of staff working in the office at any time so that we can provide the necessary services and facilitate accordingly for emergencies. We are endeavouring to operate under the current restrictions and are adhering to the new Tier 5 Government guidelines.

We are also, as previously, taking preventive measures like the compulsory wearing of masks, social distancing, additional cleaning, availability of hand sanitiser, a one-way entry/exit system, etc.

If you have reason to visit the office, please liaise with your Property Manager beforehand to ensure your and their safety.

Our switchboard

Our switchboard (telephone line) has opened again. However, because there is a limited number of staff in the office, it might not always be possible to answer your call.

We therefore encourage you to reach out to your Property Manager via the contact details provided further. Or please email info@jcfpropertymanagement.com and your email will be passed on to the relevant person.

Our Property Managers

Due the limitations of the number of staff in our office, our Property Managers may work fewer days in the office but the majority from home as per the new strict government guidelines. The Property Managers are contactable on either their email or mobile during working hours (Monday to Friday 09.00-18.00).

Full contact details of our Property Managers:

General Enquiries info@jcfpropertymanagement.com 020 8788 9700
Anna Lamers Anna.lamers@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07841 032035
Ashley Wilkins Ashley.wilkins@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07767 165144
Douglas Olizar Douglas.olizar@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07767 165148
Debbie Ranger Debbie.ranger@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07584 132930
Elena Pletea Elena.pletea@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07841 032034
Eszter Varszegi Eszter.varszegi@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07767 165150
Georgina Young Georgina.young@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07711 701931
Luke Sylvester Luke.sylvester@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07767 165145
Marta Moutran Marta.moutran@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07841 032038
Natalie Ingram Natalie.ingram@jcfpropertymanagment.com 07767 165143
Robin Hinde Robin.hinde@jcfpropertymanagement.com 07802 290868

Post and email

  • We are aware that some of our properties are encountering issues with post not being delivered or delivered late.
  • We also noticed that some owners have left their property in London and are living at an alternative address and are not collecting their post regularly.
  • We therefore strongly urge all our clients to provide us with your email address and opt for email correspondence to ensure that our communications reaches you timely.

Payments and demands

  • There might still be a small delay in processing incoming post and we encourage everyone to avoid cheque payments where possible and to make payments online or set up a Standing Order.
  • Alternatively, payments can be made through our Client Portal. Instructions on how to register for this can be found here.
  • Our accounts department has full access to our Qube Property Software system, and we do not expect any delays in processing payments (if made online) and allocating these to your Service Charge Account.

Use of leisure centre (if applicable)

Where blocks have leisure centre facilities, these will remain closed until further notice. All residents have been informed accordingly.

Contractor, maintenance and out of hours service

Please be aware that if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, are told to self-isolate or are in quarantine, we won’t be able to attend at your property or to send contractors to you to undertake repairs etc until you are fully recovered and/or your self-isolation/quarantine period is over.

Contractors can continue to provide repairs and maintenance providing safe practice and social distancing is adhered to. A contractor has the right to refuse to enter if this is not the case.

Meetings and site inspections

Zoom or similar arrangements have been made for meetings and AGM’s where possible. We propose to continue with this arrangement until such time as face to face meetings can be conducted safely and in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Site visits and inspections have been suspended unless it is an emergency – we will adhere strictly to Government guidelines should an inspection become necessary.

Guidance for owners & residents

We fully encourage all our clients, lessees and residents living in the developments that we manage, to follow the advice provided by the Government.

If you are subletting your property, please make sure that your tenants are aware of the contents of this letter and advise you if they test positive for coronavirus.

Building insurance and vacant properties

We are aware that during the current Covid-19 crisis, some owners have left their property in London and are living at an alternative address.

Please check your Buildings Insurance Policy as most will have a clause that may affect or significantly reduce the level of cover available and therefore the amount that the insurers may pay out in the event of a claim.

If your property is unoccupied and you have not arranged for it to be checked periodically then we advise that you arrange for a key holder to check your property routinely.

It is also advisable to keep records of the dates that the property is inspected.

Your insurers are also like to suggest the following steps are taken if you are not residing in your property.

  • You turn off the water supply to your property and drain down any storage tanks inside it.
  • Any letter boxes/mail system servicing the unoccupied unit must be sealed shut.
  • During the months of October – April the unit must be heated at a constant 14°C.

Main Government Advice Page



Please check our website here for more information and for any updates relating to the management of your property.

If you have any concerns regarding coronavirus and how it is likely to affect the property management services at your property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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