Update: How Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Affect the Management Services Provided by JCF

Update regarding: Office Reception Opening Hours

We have now restricted our office  reception opening hours. Our reception will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00-14.00 only. 

(This applies to our reception opening hours only, our Property Managers can be reached during our full opening hours – see further below)

We encourage everyone to contact us by email primarily and not visit the office if at all possible.

Post and payments

All incoming post will be processed but there might be some delay. For example, cheque payments might be cashed weekly instead of daily.

Where possible please make payments online or set up a Standing Order. If you have not yet registered for our Client Portal, please consider doing so as this gives you access to your account details.  You can find the manual in this link or contact us and we can send you the manual.

We strongly ask all our clients to opt for correspondence by email, and  urge everyone who is in doubt whether we have your email address, to provide us with it without delay.

Contacting your Property Manager

Our Property Managers and supporting Admin staff are now mainly working from home. They will have full access to our system but there might be some limitation in the services they can provide.

There may also be a delay in sending out regular invoices, circular letters to all lessees at a building and making payments to contractors.

Our Property Managers are contactable on either their email or mobile during working hours (Monday to Friday 09.00-18.00)

Full contact details of our Property Managers:

General Enquiries info@jcfpropertymanagement.com 020 8788 9700
Anna Lamers Anna.lamers@jcfpropertymanagement.com 078 4103 2035
Ashley Wilkins Ashley.wilkins@jcfpropertymanagement.com 077 6716 5144
Douglas Olizar Douglas.olizar@jcfpropertymanagement.com 077 6716 5148
Elena Pletea Elena.pletea@jcfpropertymanagement.com 078 4103 2034
Eszter Varszegi Eszter.varszegi@jcfpropertymanagement.com 077 6716 5150
Georgina Young Georgina.young@jcfpropertymanagement.com 077 1170 1931
Luke Sylvester Luke.sylvester@jcfpropertymanagement.com 077 6716 5145
Marta Moutran Marta.moutran@jcfpropertymanagement.com 078 4103 2038
Natalie Ingram Natalie.ingram@jcfpropertymanagment.com 077 6716 5143
Robin Hinde Robin.hinde@jcfpropertymanagement.com 078 0229 0868

Please also read our previous communciations on our blog on how coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect the management services provided by JCF.

If you have any concerns regarding coronavirus and how it is likely to affect the property management services at your property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support and understanding and we wish all our clients and suppliers the very best during these challenging times.

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