Covid and Property Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in a myriad of ways. At JCF we are looking forward to a more positive 2021 with three vaccines now available at the time of writing and the thought of a brighter Spring on the horizon.

Our processes and procedures relating to property management have certainly  been affected by the pandemic but during this time we have moved forward to ensure, not just continuity, but resilience to remain future-fit. Here are some insights into how property management leaders and teams have learned in the past 11 months to help set you up for success. Of course, JCF will always follow the latest guidance and updates issued by the Government, Public Health England (PHE), Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the National Health Service (NHS).

The pandemic has accelerated the speed in which we have adapted to digital meetings via Zoom for instance. We have learned, the benefits of technology go beyond crisis mitigation and business continuity. Cloud-based solutions, for instance, have not just helped with accessibility during the time of social distancing, they have also improved efficiency among our property management teams as we can literally go from one meeting to another without the need to travel beyond the meeting room or kitchen or bedroom or study.

The COVID-19 crisis has also brought significant changes in property management processes. We have had to adjust our maintenance workflows, routine inspections, and tenant services to adhere to restrictions. Our clients have discovered these changes have also contributed to more efficient services, leading them to adopt these changes for the long-term.  Meetings via Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp will no doubt be here to stay keeping our clients abreast of any changes.

We are members of ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents) who are monitoring the spread of the virus and its impact on managing agents and their staff and residents, as well as working on supporting the transition from lockdown over the coming weeks.

We have been able to innovate here at JCF and have risen to the challenge with determination.  Our office did not shut down during the pandemic and our office was manned in person on a strict rota and staff are available virtually (via email, Zoom or mobile telephone) to continue to professionally manage our blocks and properties.  Virtual inspections and meetings have replaced in-person visits but we are still able to attend site when necessary (adhering to strict Covid guidelines).

The current lockdown restrictions have changed the way property management teams work. Flexible work arrangements are now the norm – starting out as a measure to stem the spread of the virus but they have evolved into new ways for teams to remain productive in an increasingly mobile world. Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages but importantly, it has allowed us to remain focused on our clients.   The lack of people contact is the main challenge but we are anticipating a gradual return once the pandemic is over.

The coronavirus has forever changed our world and we have evolved in a positive way. By utilising available technologies, we can fully realise opportunities borne out of this crisis to ensure our organisation continues to thrive into the future.  We enjoy the support that we offer and the human interaction, albeit it via Zoom or social distancing outside with PPE.

Thank you to all our clients and the valuable support that the NHS/medical community and government have provided in keeping us safe.

If you feel that your property would benefit from a more professional managing agent that understands the importance of client care, get in touch with us today to discuss your property.

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